Dave Seager’s Personal Site

This is my home page and provides links to a few of my hobbies.

Family History

I have been actively researching my family tree since about 1985 and how now collected a sizeable database.   You can see our family tree here.  More detailed information and pictures of people who are still alive is not available without a User Account.  Family members can apply for a User Account through the web site.


I have been interested in boats for as long as I can remember and it was this interest that led us to our present home on the river. We currently own a Princess 32 motor cruiser named Tahoe.

We are also active members of the Walton Bridge Cruiser Club and you can visit their site here.


You can also find information about our previous boat, an Albin 25 named Albina, here.


I took piano lessons as a child and, although I did not get very far, I have remained interested in keyboard instruments ever since.  I soon switched from the piano to the organ and have owned and restored a variety of organs.

I have also been interested inn mechanical music for a very long time.  Instruments such as fairground organs have always been beyond my reach, both in terms of size and expense.  However, early in 2010 I came across John Smith who has spent many years developing smaller self-playing organs suitable for amateurs to build.  I have now built one and information on my progress can be found here.


I have installed a weather station from Maplins on our roof and you can see the results here.